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T-VOG is a discussion group for people who occupy leadership positions in AARP Foundation's "Tax-Aide" program. Only people who serve in leadership roles (ERO, VRC, LC, TC, Instructor, CC, AC, TrC, DC, etc.), Tax-Aide National Office staff, and interested IRS personnel are allowed to join.

The group exists to exchange ideas about best practices with respect to all aspects of the Tax-Aide program. Members are encouraged to alert the list when new technical problems are identified or resolved, and to bring their thorniest problems to the group for helpful suggestions. Off-topic posts are discouraged, and general civility is monitored by the owners / moderators.

Members, please sign your posts with your name, state, district, and position(s) in the T-VOG hierarchy. Note that there is a handy "Signature" feature available as part of your Subscription / Membership record. Please use it. Omitted signatures will often be appended without prior notice to the author. Ungrammatical constructions, misspelled words, botched literary allusions, and similar crimes against the mother tongue are subject to similar emendation at the whim of the moderators.

If you believe you are eligible for T-VOG, and you would like to join, please click the big blue button on the left, below. (If the blue button is not visible, you are already logged into T-VOG.)

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